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Tatra Virtual Reality Museum
Tatra 613 (1969)
Current state

Current state of 3D model – screenshots generated by view3dscene
2004-02-26: Engine hood animation

Tatra 613 (93KB) has reached her final stage too. She now has interiour, engine, exhausts, windscreen wipers, and more. She can open doors (!) and both hoods. Check her out.
2002-07-16: Beta version of T613

T77a just got a sister ! This is the beta version of T613-1 (1969) in a presentation hall (77KB). Standalone static model is here (76KB). The large outdoor scene now contains 5 different T77as and 5 different T613s. Try it here. One more scene – especially designed for Tatraklub Slovakia members – give it a try.

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