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Tatra Virtual Reality Museum
Tatra 128 (1951)
Current state

Current state of 3D model – screenshots generated by view3dscene
2011-08-03: Physics simulation

Preliminary tests of leaf springs suspension simulation on a model of Tatra 128 in my 3D simulator. The simulator loads VRML97 scene description and uses Ogre3D for 3D graphics rendering and Open Dynamics Engine – ODE for realtime simulation of rigid bodies.
2005-07-27: All-terrain truck Tatra 128

Event though Tatra 128 was produced for two years only, she became very popular for her excelent terrain abilities, which are even better than T111's. The only problem is her weight over 6 tons – most of her parts were originally designed for a much heavier vehicle – the Tatra 111.

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