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Tatra Virtual Reality Museum
Tatra 24 (1927)
Current state

Current state of 3D model – screenshots generated by view3dscene
2003-08-12: Tatra 24

Do you still remember mid 20's Tatra trucks? Here is one to remember – Tatra 24 (1926) with "bulldog" front. Along with her 2 axle sister, Tatra 23, she was the first Tatra truck with central tube and swinging axles. Enjoy the standalone model and the virtual garden. She was not a small truck – compare her with Tatra 111 and Tatra 147 in a special truck scene. She has also many animation capabilities – doors can be opened (!), direction pointers move, driver's window opens, and the sides of the platform can be lowered. However, I'm unsure how was the front engine hood opened. If you know, please tell me and I'll update it.

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