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Tatra Virtual Reality Museum
Tatra 603 (1969)
Current state

Current state of 3D model – screenshots generated by view3dscene
2004-02-18: Tatra 2-603 going final

T2-603 (115KB) has reached her final stage. She now has exhausts, windscreen wipers, antenne, rear view mirror on the front wing and special T603 emblems. Check her out.
2003-07-17: Tatra 2-603 updated

Tatra 2-603 model has been updated. She can now open her hoods upon request. T2-603 also got a new red heart – modeled V8 engine with classical colors and shape.
2003-06-12: Tatra 2-603 for GTA Vice City

Mike has successfully imported the T2-603 to GTA-Vice City. Here are two screenshots. Still it is a very early alpha version, but it looks very promissing. Now he has almost finished his Tatra 700 for GTA-Vice City.
2002-09-27: Classical Tatra 2-603

Well, what shall I say ... the classical T2-603 (1969) is here! Modelled using the beautiful photos supplied by Ondrej Ertl from Tatra Autoklub Slovakia. The new beautie is available in the presentation hall (116 KB), as a standalone standard model (115 KB ), Ondrej Ertl's T2-603 and as screen saver scene as well (116 KB). She is also standing in the large outdoor scene. Check it out!
To download the model of Ertl's T2-603 do the following:
download all of these files into the same directory (alltogether about 120 KB)

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