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Tatra Virtual Reality Museum
Tatra 77A (1936)
Current state

Current state of 3D model – screenshots generated by view3dscene
2003-06-04: Engine hood animation

I've played a bit with VRML2 animation capabilities and here are the results. Tatra 77a has learned to show her aircooled V8 engine. The interaction is very simple. When browsing the model scenes just click at the rear hood of Tatra 77a. The model will automaticaly do the animation. To close the hood, click on it again. It is pretty straightforward. More interactive models will follow as soon as I update my editor to handle the animations correctly.
2002-04-28: First final-version model

A classical beautiful Tatra 77a (1936) in a presentation hall (88KB). A little warning: every VRML scene is being loaded in steps. The purpose is to show anything on the screen just when it is downloaded. This scene loads in two steps. First the hall is loaded and displayed (!). Then the car is being loaded (the file length is 87KB and it may take several seconds). After the whole car is loaded, then it is displayed. So for a brief moment you may see only an empty hall.
A standalone static model is here (87KB). It is designed so to change bodywork color easily. And a scene suitable for a screensaver is here (88KB). These are screenshots from the presentation hall. However static images cannot supply the true three-dimensional feel of the VRML scene.
Here is a small FPS table for this model (hall scene). computer, graphics card frames per second
computer, graphics cardframes per second
486DX2 80MHz, Matrox Mystique1.3
Celeron 540MHz, nVidia TNT 230
All measuring was done using Cortona VRML plug-in. Even a 486 is capable of displaying this VRML scene. But you can not expect high FPS on such machine :). Fast Celeron has no problems with this scene.
These pictures are from this outdoor scene (170KB). However, I shall say, that this scene definitely needs a good computer.

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